Friday, May 27, 2011

Introduction to A Work at home Mom

When I decided to try my hand at working online to make additional income for my family. I had no former computer knowledge, I could switch it on and that was about it.

I have now been "working online" for over 2 years, and looking back there are many things I wish I had known when I started writing online.
Images and how to use them properly.
How to Pick a niche
How to make Sales
Writing Article to Drive Traffic to your site.

Nobody tells you that fact many want to charge for secrets for their ebook that tells you how to indeed make millions overnight, my view is run as fast as you can from these. I have included links to some of my best and most popular articles about these subjects, for your information, just remember to come back.

I have indeed learned my craft from many successful online marketers, and followed their findings closely. the Internet is not confusing, it is all the confusing information out there that's the trouble.

Over the years, I have been luck and built up a successful reputation for article writing, product reviews, and creative writing.  Taking part in online communities, and writing Guest Blog posts.

The purpose of this blog moms Work at home blog, is to give share that success and give you the same opportunity I have had, to take your interests, passions and ideas, and be able to write about them, any one can do that,  so how do you make money from your writing?

There are many ways, from Article writing to having your own website, or freelance writing.

I hope not to only inspire you to try working from home, but also to help motivate, as it can indeed be a lonely journey at times, until you start to build up your online network.

Please note, all comments on this Blog will allow 1 "dofollow" from the Authors link. So I encourage you to leave a message, and a link back to your site. Tell me who you are, how you got here, what is it you are planing to do working online...etc All comments are moderated
I like to help support and encourage my fellow work at home moms and dads.
Don't worry about understanding dofollow links just now, but bear in mind creating links to your site is very worthwhile, just post an introduction to yourself and include your blog or website URL. I will also like to feature other networkers examples of how they have found success online too. So if I come accross something I find useful you have written about I shall let you know and write a review for you.

this post has been edited to ADD THIS -PAGE 1 of GOOGLE  Within 50 minutes, using my all ethical, (no Blackhat) Marketing Techniques.

What do you think of that, I can't believe it!


  1. hi Cuz... proud of ya girl, and all done with a smart head and hard work!
    nice one Lisa :-)

  2. Very nice looking blog and, having seen your writing on other platforms, it should be well worth reading.

    Thank you for allowing links: I'd like to offer two of mine that I think are relevant: Avoiding Internet Fraud And Scams and Review Of Five Internet Gurus. Both of these have advice for people who want to make money online and they give links to free sources of information.

  3. Well done Lisa and delighted to hear of your success which I know will continue!

  4. Lisa congratulations on your new endeavor!

    You have been an inspiration to many and having a new medium will add to your voice.
    Good luck!

  5. Hi Lisa,
    great news from you.
    I just stopped by to wish you luck with your blog.

  6. Hey, Lisa :) Glad to have found your blog! I also run a blog with Squidoo tips and would like to see your comments! KatieColette from Squidoo.

    Squidoo Tips

  7. Great start Lisa, wish you success with your blog.

  8. Great start, Lisa. I've just started a blog to complement my squidoo work. It's called Make Learning Fun.

  9. Great Article Lisa,I have been Online for awhile now and am always finding new things I need to know about.

  10. I want to build my online reputation too. I know it's hard, but I will make it! I'm going to read some of your lenses now, from this post. Congrats for great optimization for this post! All the best with your blog, Mitja.

  11. nice page...i have a question though. Is there a free way to get lots of traffic in a short period of time?

  12. Hello Lisa, I am from Squidoo also. I am not sure how much blogging you are doing here, but I read this article with interest. I can't turned down and invite to leave my link :) I am having some success with Squidoo and trying to get a blog going, too.

  13. Lisa you are a real inspiration to me. I think that you are living the American Dream, even though you are not American! Your skills and organization allow you to be with your kids - fun for them when they need you and frankly you need them. It's okay to have a job - in fact it can be the best thing ever, but a lot of us want to use our talents on our own to promote the hobbies and products that we care about, make a little or a lot of passive income, get our ideas out there to the world and just live a freer life. I am working now more on sites that I own, including one that I hope someday will express all my ideas on making money and living your dreams, and a site on preventing and dealing with a health problem that has touched my life. But since you gave me the opportunity to promote another site - I would like to direct you to my just for fun blog, started to cheer myself up when I had cancer: Keep up the good work Lisa, and hug those younguns.