Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wow Traffic, how to get lots of visitors to your pages....

My Top Tips to get more Visitors to your Webpages - There are no secrets here.

Sorry I have not posted in a while however I have not been very well, glad to say on the mend, just taking it slowly.
I wanted to share with you some exciting news, My Squidoo Account broke 10,000 in November 2011  Visitors
Someone said something about it being thanks to Halloween lenses,

(March 2012 23,000 smashed one of my New Year Goals so will need to set another one!)

Just a side note: I have NOT made any Halloween niche specific lenses this year, these are all last years Halloween lenses. That have matured with age. and a little bit of tweaking.

Even though I have been away for some time from the computer, that does not mean that the hard work that you do when you start working online in the beginning, does not pay out in the end.

YES hard Work! good old fashioned work.
People are always wanting to know the inside secrets. How are you doing it?  they must know something I don't?
Well I can tell you there really are none. Focus on 1 project at a time  Work, are you honestly "working" are you doing every step you have been told to do?
Religiously, everyday are you "working" or are you kidding yourself on, and moaning when payday doesn't happen.

Are you focused, or do you go off on a tangent, and spread yourself to thin that your pages all crumble, as you have not spent the time or effort required for every page to survive online. 
My biggest hurdle to overcome, was getting "niche" on my subjects, and creating a niche that I owned. basically focusing on a certain subject and building good pages.

I help a lot of people online, they ask me for help, later I will pass them and ask how its going, "its not working" so I feel bad, I go and check out their pages, and instantly, see that they have not done ALL the steps I told them they need to do.
My biggest thing is to keep adding value to your pages, nurture and tend to those pages, like this blog post, I first wrote it when I had 10,000 visitors to my pages, then 15,000, then 20,000 see what I mean fresh updated content google loves it,

 How committed are you to making it work, do you think you should write a page and then move on to the next one?  What is holding up your structure, spread thinly it Will collapse, building building and securing your pages future is what works.

So If it is not working, work out what You are not doing to make it work.

That's what really does annoy me. People saying this does not work, yes it does, but what are you doing to make it work.

 Do you complain you are not making anything when you have been told give it time, nurture those lenses/pages

giving it time? how long is "Give it Time?" Well guys for me it took around just under a year to break that 10,000 visitors mark.
Yep you heard me, but all that hard work paid off as I told you I was very unwell and my pages were "working for me" giving me the best payout yet, ever.

A recent life event meant I had to take 2 months off  and I still made increase in earnings proving Squidoo and other online platforms can provide a passive income.

General Advice to getting more visitors to your pages -
Write about what you know  Write and publish even more. Create even more pages than you have already. Nurture and cherish and care for those pages, let Google see you care about them and so should they! Google is smart real smart, they are like big brother they  are watching you! Add in your own perspective.

Top tip 1: Learn SEO, inside outside upside down, type into google SEO and just work your way through it to be honest Google webmaster Central taught me everything I wanted and ever need to know! Get a google account!  they are the masters learn from them.

Top Tip 2: Be careful who you follow/take advice from/listen to online.
 Are they cleaner than a whistle, do they give good information, or do they suggest you do things that are unethical?  Take Shortcuts.....are you a sheep and follow the crowd, or are you your own person.....see this post about Who really is in charge of Your Online Business.

Yes using these techniques may give you an initial boost, but fly very close or does in fact break sites Terms of Service? And getting kicked off, all your hard work down the drain.
 but in the same turn if someone tells you hey you should be doing this, and you DO NOT do it, then you complain saying it did not work.

Top Tip 3: recognise who is working hard, follow THEM! Who is walking the talk...there is a lot of smoke and mirrors online, look for the hardworking producing results, follow them, be supportive of them and always encourage others, I have built up a fantastic network of online working friends!
 If someone is to say, hey try this Shortcut, its a bit dodgy might get your account locked but it brings in good visitors, hey you might even be infringing every law under the sun, but you can get some visitors!

Would you really?

I love my Digg pals, I read, follow and Digg their stuff and they Digg my stuff! I facebook like just about every lens I come across that I like, I google+1
...Ask yourself do you shamelessly self promote or do you promote and encourage others?

Google is counting "interest" in your page in their calculations! If others are talking about your page, then Google will be impressed and send lots more people to it too.
Social networking is going to be the way forward in ranking - watch this space. 

We may be in competition with each other, but the information I have learned from joining Places where lensmasters hang out has been priceless. But more importantly the connections I have made are invaluable

Top Tip 4: Stay away from anything that smells too good to be true! It always is.

Top  Tip 5: Make a daily plan! Make yourself accountable, stick to it and execute it, until I do this (and sometimes I forget to too!) I wander aimlessly around.

I now switch the computer off at dinner time, and after eating together,  will sit down with my husband, talking about his work day....boring but I have to give him time, and then I get to talk about my day, what have I done, making myself accountable.
My husband has a very renewed interest in my online work,  since we worked out over the last year, I average 20% increase in "wages" a month.  And notifications daily on my squidoo points stream.

We then discuss what I could put on my to-do-list for the next day - This works, working at home is difficult enough, the phone goes, people pop in for coffee, people think you skive on the computer and Facebook all day, trying to get them to take me working at home seriously was a nightmare!!!

webpages, to promoting them.  I will then write a post around YOUR Questions. I will answer as I can, based on MY personal knowledge, based on MY working practice. Based on what I have been doing and has been working for me.

Now someone asked me a question on here before, however forgot to say who they were, they knew me, and my work but I just answered on the comment, so PLEASE if you are a lensmaster (squidoo) add in your lensmaster name, so I can properly accredit you!
 Add in your Question, or wondering how to.....I will try my very hardest to answer as best I can to my ability however if not I will try to direct you in the best direction.

Remember Question, NAME, contact (or where I can find you online)

So If you are wanting to see these kind of notification daily on your pages, what have you got to do.....
Do the Work!

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