Thursday, August 4, 2011

FREE- Squidoo Help eBook

If you are looking for a FREE how to Squidoo Guide, then this little gem is just what you need.
I have always had this Guide on my computer Learn Squidoo - Step by Step and I am so happy to tell you a group of lensmasters have been working hard to re-vamp it!

I would like to point you to the new updated Step-by-step Guide to Squidoo, that will give you resources, such as the best keyword research tools, and of course what to do with your pages once you have published them.
Includes a fantastic current list of directories as used by most of us and proven to help, your articles.

It is written by a very well established group of lensmasters, known around the community for creating quality pages. And most of all achieving success on Squidoo.

Learn Squidoo - Step by Step
Written by : Lakeerieartist, BevsPaper Aj2008


  1. Lisa, thank you so much for featuring the Guidebook and your kind endorsement :)

  2. I read it, long time ago. It's free and it's great! Newbies can learn a lot from this guide. Thanks for the information, maybe I will read it again!

    Best wishes,

  3. Hey Mijita please do read it again it has updated resources, that I did not even know about!

  4. Thanks for the information ..