Thursday, April 12, 2012

Who is really in charge of Your online business

Not often I go against the grain, however I am this time....

It seems we live in a world where, we (the majority) are sheep, yes you heard me, sheep.
Flocks and flocks of sheep. Darting about looking for who or what to follow next.....
We follow, we are happy to follow in fact it is easier to follow, who we think we should follow, and who others also follow.
We see their success and we want it too, so....we follow them.

Then someone else comes along and oh-oh,no you cant do that and this is why, and their case presented is very convincing.
We all run around in a bit of a state, and then someone else who has that emulated position within the group of sheep, steps out with their voice of reason within the madness and confusion, and proceeds to tell us what we have been doing is wrong! Then proceeds to tell us what to do now.  Which we find out later down the line was a load of rubbish too. 
(top Tip about working online - learn now that a shortcut now is a LOT of work later on!)

anyway they state their  point plain and clear and yes we all start following them, until ....
all  change...and it happens all over again....?

I write this recently as I have ran around like a headless chicken recently, changing things that HQ had changed so I had to combat those changes with my changes, with what the people I followed told me I had to change to help my business

Are you confused yet? my head is hurting too....

2 things happened recently for me to realise and ask myself who is really in charge?

I was devastated recently to find out some of the people I look up to follow, listen to what they have to say shared they could not break earning the $500/$600 dollars a month mark.....What? I thought they were earning $1,000's.

I re-read this statement, and thought ? I am listening to you, I had by-passed that milestone long ago.

I have worshipped you and listened to what you had to say, you have written explicitly on how to make money online? you share tutorials with others,  and if you said it It must be good or in recent cases certain things were bad for my business then I would move mountains to get it implemented....
I removed myself from them, stopped following their email alerts, and I have just went on my merry way.
guess what earnings are up.  my niche websites are coming into their own, Google loves them, I have spread my little wings, and
guess what, I still see the same posts, the same bickering....anyway you get what I mean.

My Sales are fantastic and projects out with my normal are on the move. In fact the only person I have been reading is actually not a sole person but google webmaster tools, they keep me updated and let me know of any changes, I should be considering google is my friend and sends me lovely organic traffic, I am going to listen to him/her.

2. without going too into detail, an announcement that this is disastrous for us and we should do this now to help us and now all the ones who did do it are/could/will most likely need to un do the work.

these people seem to thrive on controversy, people see then as authoritative figures? sorry I don't, I see them as a pain in my growing business ass.


No more listening or taking advice from others, as actually you should be following your own dreams, not someone elses.

How do I know who really is earning money online? How do I know that those people who claim they are making money really are? And then how do I know I should be listening to them?
I say don't, be your own person, be creative, don't copy (for goodness sake do not copy, you will be found out)
one of the places I write at online is Squidoo, and they drummed it into me, Unique Useful, updated content, It is what will always win and get you to the top.

And if you work in partnership with any online writing platform, for goodness sake accept what they say is it.... they own it, they are in charge and if you do not like it. tough, their rules. You signed up to them.

 If you do not like it any more leave, no ones asking you to stay.

And in the mean time keep your thoughts and negativity to yourself as it is getting annoying.

Go and whine somewhere else, as actually you are stopping me and others from achieving my success
I like it, I like the changes that make it fresh.
I continue to earn and keep earning good money with the changes, and it gets more every month, why should I be complaining?
And if working in partnership with them is making me money then I should be listening to them, and only them!

I have decided from this experience I will become a stand alone, thinker, not a sheep and a follower.

work at home
Serenity Prayer: available to Buy

I think the Serenity Prayer Wall Quote sums it up!and I shall purchase for my office wall. God grant me the serenity to accept things I can not change, the courage to change things i can, and the wisdom to know the difference wall art wall sayings

I feel I need a little Disclaimer : everyone is allowed their own views and opinions, I am all for freedom of speech. however what I am saying is, I will listen to those opinions I may even act on these opinions, BUT before I do anything I shall carry out my own research and make my own decision, not just follow the pack.
I want to be the car steaming ahead whilst the sheep run in circles

NOTE: Google Penguin 2.0 What does this mean for Affiliate Marketers now



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