Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Using Social Media to Get traffic and Visitors your Web Pages & Build your Pages Backlinks

Are you making the most of all the places you can get the word out about your pages, and websites?

Many of us who create web pages, find the hardest part is finding traffic, and getting visitors to our pages, now take Squidoo as an example, where you can create web pages for FREE and publish them, but what use are they to people if they cannot find them.

I do not belive in spending money when I am trying to earn it. Internal traffic that the structure of Squidoo (where I do the majority of my writing online) provides is great, however no matter where you page is published on the web it is useless unless you get the word out.
The best way for me was by joining several Social media sites.  Now depending on your interests or "niche" I find it best to join the networking sites that will suit you best, many though have all the catagories you would need. If you intend to just drop your links in, and leave, then you will soon find your followers dropping off, you want to build followers, give them useful, information, create quality posts, In the beginning make the extra effort, go and see what your followes are doing, check them out, if you like it share it, to share their work.  The author knows when it has been shared, and will make a mental note, to check out your work, and perhaps share yours.
Lets look at
the most obvious and my favourite, it is so easy to use,  and I like to see that visitors do indeed click on those tweets.  My tweet for this blog showed up within 50 minutes of publishing. Page 1 Google
 I love that you can just tweet short and sweet. and most webpages have built in facilities to tweet things of interest.  It is also being debated just now about how tweeting your newly published page is indeed getting your page indexed super fast! (see picture below)
But how do you get followers? This is a question many ask, and it applys for all social bookmarking and and media sites.
Make sure you have a link to where people can find you online on all your pages, have a search for like minded people within your interests, follow them and you will start to see you following building up.

You will be amazed at how this start to build up as you go along, but a word of caution, post your links too many times, you will be seen as a spammer, posting not enough people will lose interest in what you have to say.
Posting Unique, Useful content will bring in traffic, and posting rubbish will see you page end up in the dump.

Give a little too, if someone gives you a vote, make sure to check out their work too, if you are just seen as taking then people won't give either, so remember if there is a community have a look around, join in, make new associates, even if its for 10 minutes, it all is in the benefit of your online work. Yes there are peole who just spam, or giving useless information or just want to sell you something, you soon work out who they are, and just move on.

Other Social Places you can find me at and connet, come on over and join, you will be pleased to see some familiar faces from Squidoo, and If you are not a member of Squidoo, they are a fantastic community of people all sharing the same goals, Working online making extra money from home.

  • Facebook- do you have a facebook page  for your business?  set one up today for free, FB will give you all the tools you need to help you promote your page.
  • DIGG- Submit links to your favourite pages
  • Stumble Upon - fun site  (once you are set up find me there LisaAuch)
  • Reddit - They do have a maximum submission amount within the day (once your set up find me - LisaAuch)

How about Social sites that you can earn some money from?

A brand new site, ran by a very successful Squidoo lensmaster and his online partners, earn money here with sharing adsense and sales modules.
  •  Join Wizzley Now write articles on Wizzley, has strict policies in place, brand new website, and rising fast up the page ranks - Moderated and great for backlinks
  • Best Reviewer - another 100% adsense sharing site, make a top 10 best of list! So much fun

And last but not least, if you  have a blog, who knows about it, even if you use that blog to just write about your articles to get backlinks, follow others who have similar blogs,  If you are asked to leave a comment, leave a comment, people like to see what others are saying and you will be surprised how many people may click on your profile picture or name, I
If they are interested in what you are saying. It may not be my blog your interested in, but I bet some of my readers would be interested in YOUR work.

there is a whole world wide web out there for you to explore, so go and explore it, and if you bump into me, remember and say Hi, I love meeting fellow marketers out and about.

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  1. Great post, Lisa! Tumblr seems to work really well for me in terms of bringing traffic.

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